Ed Meacham

Ed Meacham

Automed USA
CTO/Head of Software Applications and Development
My duties at Automed vary greatly from day-to-day. I am responsible for everything from managing development teams (software and firmware), technical documentation, specs for our international patents, project management, software architecture, client integrations, database migrations, and of course software development.

The teams I manage each have separate disciplines: mobile development, web development, integration, and firmware.

The chosen dev stack includes numberous [Linux] AWS EC2 instances, S3, Cloudflare, RDS, MySQL, MongoDB & DynamoDB, NodeJS, AngularJS, [Android] Java, Objective-C, and Ionic Framwork 2+. We also use Git (BitBucket) for source control, and each developer has a Macbook Pro... the list goes on. For environment consistency, I have also set up Docker containers for our various web projects, which very quickly proved itself and worth. To stay organized and keep moving projects forward, each team operates in an Agile manner. We week sprints, and we always ship SOMETHING after each sprint. To manage our sprints, we use JIRA (tickets, sprint planning, retros) and Confluence for both client and internal documentation.

Trackwired Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
At Trackwired, I was a 100% remote employee, with the occasional trip to our headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I had daily stand-ups with the other [backend] developer I worked with, as well as multiple adhoc meetings through the day. We managed our workload using Trello, and Slack, and coordinated DAILY releases for the web application.

My daily responsibilities were primary focused on developing and maintaining an AngularJS web application, which consisted of a custom social network, custom media manager, marketplace (using Braintrain), team management tools, a workout builder, a calendar system for the workout builder, and a workout management interface.

I was able to employ a lot of skills I have acquired in my previous roles, including AngularJS, Bootstrap [along with custom SASS], lodash, Windows Azure services, Gulp & Grunt, and MSSQL.
Bunchball Inc.
Integration Engineer
My primary purpose at Bunchball is to create products & solutions that integrate our core Nitro platform, which drives our main product--Nitro Studio, into tools for external clients.

My skill set has grown by leaps-and-bounds while at Bunchball, gaining experience in many areas and technologies; Jenkins, New Relic, AWS and Docker in DevOps; Node JS, Sails JS, and nginx for the server-side; Express, React, and Redux, Foundation [SASS, CSS/CSS3] and unit testing on the frontend.
Front-end Developer [Consultant]
The details of the project(s) I am currently involved with are currently protected under a non-disclosure agreement.

I began as one of five front-end developers on the “Piranha” team; eighteen individuals working together under SCRUM development and product management models. My skillset allowed me to quickly move to the “Stingray” team, to lead the development of a custom forum to enhance the existing “My View” product within Encirca.

My roles are unique, allowing me to be involved in all planning, pointing, quality assurance & testing, backend development, and whiteboarding sessions, as well as various architecture meetings.

My story and task assignments also vary greatly--from UI & UX whiteboarding, to Test Case reviews via TFS, for the QA team, and of course [new and maintenance] development using HTML5, AngularJS, and CSS/CSS3 [Bootstrap] that consume RESTful and LocalStorage services.

The Printer, Inc.
Director of Mobile Development
As Director of Mobile Development, I lead and mentored a team of developers--web, mobile, and desktop--through several development projects at varying stages of development and life cycles. My skillset also allowed me to act as a Program Manager for a handful of internal business applications.

Software Development
In addition to my role in management, I made daily contributions to development tasks as sole developer on a few projects, and lead developer/architect on others. Using PHP, MySQL, LocalStorage, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, I architected, designed, and developed a CMS/CRM with heavy use of AJAX to improve performance and UX, and a heavily secured REST API allowing access to the data. I was also the System Administrator for the Staging & Production servers--we used Rackspace Cloud Servers.

2013: Mentored the [desktop] .NET developers in mobile strategy, web security, SQL optimization, and MVC design.
2013: Created mobile app prototype used for client demos which spawned a long list of casinos interested in piloting.
2014: Added two of the internal .NET developers to the mobile development team.
2014: Lead two large migration projects; the CRM/CMS and API from PHP to ASP.NET and C#; Rackspace & Amazon to Windows Azure.

McCormick Interactive Group
Digital Developer, Full Stack Developer
A hybrid iOS application which could be managed and maintained using a proprietary CMS and direct communication management tool.

Texas Credit Union League App>
A hybrid iOS app, utilizing HTML5, LocalStorage, Push Messaging, some basic geolocation features. The app allowed privately registered users to access conference information and receive push messages via the Kinita Message Center. Users are registered via the Avectra netForum service, and exported via their SOAP API to our system, allowing them to access conference data via the app.

Elanco Enterprise App
A hybrid iOS, Enterprise distribution only app, utilizing HTML5, LocalStorage, supporting Push and Rich Push messaging through Urban Airship. Additionally, TestFlight was used for test deployment and beta testing, and Google Analytics for detailed feature use tracking and campaign stats.

Web Projects
Server Admin, Co-Backend Developer, and DBA
http://stolleradvanced.com - http://stollerpro.com -http://sorghumcheckoff.com http://vaxliant.com - http://hpwd.com - http://lendtrade.com - http://uwlaw.com

2012: Member of the McProcess Team: we work together to find inefficiencies in processes and build an improvement process based on the affected teams’ input.
2012: Created boilerplate processes & shell scripts to minimize server configuration time and reduce errors.

Visionary Services, Inc.
Software Developer
FedEx Contracts
Lead Developer; Frontend & Backend
OE Solutions: Small Business Marketing (SBM)
OE Solutions: Specialized Online Account Registration (SOAR)
Co-Developer; Frontend & Backend
FedEx Alliance Management Engine (FAME) Account Specific Vertical Management (ASVM) Retail Alliance

Small Business Contracts
Co-Developer; Frontend & Backend
http://firehousesoftware.com - http://gdmhabitat.org - http://salisburyhouse.org - http://neighborhoodfinance.org

2010-2012: Designed, created and maintained interface layer for modules within VSI's proprietary CMS software, giving way to a standard initialization format and allowed access to a given module via static methods and properties.

Wells Fargo
Technical Service Specialist 3
Added responsibilities: backline and escalation requests for all lines of business, and full support (administration and escalations) for ROVA.

Wells Fargo
Technical Service Specialist 2
Added responsibilites: full support for three separate lines of business; Retail (Branch), Corporate, and Mortgage users. Also began provided tier one support for ROVA, the company's remote VPN users and software, and began working the asset management backline for retail locations.

Wells Fargo
Technical Service Specialist
Performed general desktop support, software troubleshooting, and basic asset management.